Machida: Little Tokyo

Machida, Japan but I like to call it little Tokyo. It's the shopping hub for our area and boy is it busy. Being only three train stops from us, when ever Haden and I want to get out of the house Machida is where we head.

One of my favorite places to go is the 100 Yen store. It is my all time favorite place to shop here in Japan. Five floors of pure shopping excitement. You can find anything and everything. Since shopping here in Japan is so expensive the 100 Yen store stays within our budget and everything is 100 yen or the equivalent of a dollar back home. Besides that there is a little side street that is filled with restaurants and food stands. Haden and I have made the goal to eat on the economy once a week so when we are in Machida lunch is always on the to-do list. Beef bowls, tempura or noodles there are always plenty to choose from. The hard part is choosing what to eat. Of course we have the obstacle of Japanese kanji so taking the risk and choosing random meals makes it that much more fun. The first time we went to Machida Haden and I discovered that there is a Japanese Walmart. They call it Seiyu but everything inside is Walmart brand. We also discovered a 7 story electronics store. It makes Best Buy look lousy. This place has everything. They even sell quality computer components for those who like to build computers. Its colorful and full gadgets that don't even exist in the states.

There is so much to do and see in Machida that every time we go we discover something new and interesting plus it's fun to walk around and immerse ourselves into the culture.


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