Hello From Japan

How you order ramen

Well hey everyone and greetings from Japan.  Man, it has been an eventful two weeks, Haden and I moved to a new country and boy is it different from the USA.  Let me start by saying one thing, Japan is CLEAN.  No trash or funky hot garbage smell, just clean.  We both need to work on our Japanese speaking skills, you don't realize how much you need to communicate until you simply can't do it.  This is the start of our little adventure or maybe more accurately BIG ADVENTURE.  We have already experienced a little Japanese culture, number one favorite for me, the food.  Not like anything I have ever had also it's nice to have actual real Japanese food.  Even better is how you order it.  There are these little shops that either serve ramen or rice bowls, when you order you put your yen in little machines, pick out your dish and give the ticket to the cook behind the counter.  Of course since Haden and I don't speak a lick of Japanese or read the characters its always a random selection.  Haden got lucky one day and ordered a beef bowl with kimchi.  I would have to say Haden's experience with it was a good one since it wasn't exactly what he wanted to order.  Number two would have to be the train system.  Riding on the trains is an adventure in it's self.  Sometime you are not sure if you are on the right train or even going in the right direction you just risk it and enjoy the ride. It will be exciting to find out what other simple adventures await for us. Next goal eat sushi.

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